Free Woocommerce Weight and Country based shipping extension plugin

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Example of rates settings

You can and should have multiple rates for every country group. For example if your package carrier has different rates for parcels weighting 100, 500 and 1000 gramm for country/countries you defined in country group 3 your rates can look like this:


In this example delivery charges will be as follows:
carts weighting between 1 and 100 gramms  – 3.50
carts weighting between 101 and 500 gramm – 5.50
carts weighting between 501 and 1000 gramm 9.50
carts over 1000 gramm will be charged 9.50 as well, as this is the highest available rate.
Weight based shipping

Number of country groups  – how many country groups to create? You can increase/decrease the number at any stage.

Add countries to allowed – in woocommerce->settings->general you can select allowed countries. These are countries you want to sell to. If you pick “specific countries” woocommerce will let you choose countries you wish to sell to. If you thick “Add countries to allowed” – AWD Weight/Country will add to allowed all countries you add to country groups. This way you can make sure they are enabled and will show up when you use this shipping method.

Country groups – they let you select countries that share the same shipping rates. Of course, Country Groups can contain only one country if you want. Important thing about country groups is their number. This number should be used when defining rates.

If country group number is 1 (The title says Country Group 1, marked with red circle on image below) you define rates for this group by using “1” as the last parameter in the rate, e.g. 100|4.50|1

Shipping by Countries

As you can have unlimited number of Rates and Country Groups you have great flexibility in building your international shipping rates.

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