Starting an ecommerce store is easier than you think! See why and how to start yours.

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Many Irish traditional shop owners and people who want to start online-only stores put off their decision to go online. They expect high startup cost and steep learning curve. They expect online ecommerce store to be time consuming. They are not sure if their online venture will succeed and be worth time and money they invest.

Meanwhile online shopping quickly became reality of our everyday’s life. While in Ireland online shopping is still gaining momentum, in the UK more than 50% of all retail transactions already take place online. Competition in Ireland’s online trading is nowhere near UK’s levels. There is a lot of space for any kind of  business to start and establish themselves before others do the same.

Nowadays starting ecommerce store can be inexpensive and easy. Below I am addressing some myths and potential difficulties you may encounter when entering the world of ecommerce. I will also try to convince you that entering ecommerce now makes perfect sense.

Advantages of starting your ecommerce store

By creating ecommerce website you enter huge and growing market. The volume of online sales in Ireland has been on steep increase for years and it does not look like this trend is to be reversed any time soon.

If you already run traditional retail outlet, its online version will take very little time, while being able to fetch quite significant amount of business. It is merely serving extra customers who come through your website instead of front doors. For those who want to run online-only outlet it has one big advantage – you do not need “real” store at all.

Another advantage for traditional retailers is that your online store acts as a catalog for local buyers, who may not have time to visit your  shop. People may not have time to pop into your store during the day, but will check you out online at their convenience. This can easily boost you sales to local customers.

Low standing costs work to your advantage as well. In most of the cases your yearly cost of running ecommerce site will be below 100 euro.

Low initial design cost lets you test this new way of selling and expand only if ecommerce proves itself to be viable. Another words you do not have to risk a lot to see how ecommerce website works for you.

Marketing and advertising an online store is different than in case of traditional outlet. Performance of all your online marketing can be precisely measured. You will be able to accurately calculate your return on investment whatever you do. You can make your decisions based on hard data, keep what works, throw out what does not. Your advertising will be much more profitable and will have immediate effect.

Ecommerce cart and credit card

In traditional economy some advertising/marketing channels ale closed to smaller companies because of high cost of entry. Such barriers simply do not exist online. You can use the same tools as your much bigger competitors, whatever your advertising budget is – and you will be treated the same way pricewise.

Owning your online e-commerce store lets you build something that is going to last. You build a name for yourself and customer base around your own name and store – just as you did with your “real” shop. You also effectively support your real world business and gain customers and opportunities you would otherwise miss. This is also true for those looking to run their business exclusively online.

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