Full list of website design related services I offer. Some of them are part of my web design packages.

Website and Online Store Management »

More than likely your business could greatly benefit from having a dedicated online team to manage Internet part of your business. It is not always financially viable to ...

Shops with credit card payment »

According to Irish Times, in 2011 Irish consumers spent whooping 3 billion euro online. This is a massive market, and you can reach it with minimum setup cost. If you ...

Online Advertising Campaigns Management »

Comprehensive, maintenance-free Google and Facebook advertising.  This is a turnkey solution that once the goals and target audience are established,  requires no ...

Facebook pages and aps – design, management »

Custom pages (they appear as tabs on your Facebook page) help to engage more visitors and tell them quickly, what your business is about. Custom landing pages are ...

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) »

Search Engine Optimisation is crucial to success of your website. It is worth nothing if nobody is visiting it. SEO helps you to be found and sell. When your website is ...

Training: Be independent, get results »

The training options below are usually part of website design process, offered as a part of package and offered only should you need it. “Standalone” ...